Promoting the theory and practice of organizing knowledge and information

The idea of an ISKO chapter for the Low Countries (covering Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands) has been floating around for some time. Now that ISKO has grown into a dynamic international organization with chapters on all continents, the lack of a regional presence in our part of Europe seems like an unfortunate hiatus.

The first advantage of starting a regional ISKO Chapter in the Low Countries would be to promote the exchange of innovative ideas and high quality expertise in the field of Knowledge organization. By formalizing the chapter structure, we will be able to reach out to local researchers and professionals in the field and connect them to the global ISKO community. These, and other organizational issues, will be taken up in plenary sessions at our conference in June 2019.

The second, and really exciting objective, is to create a more formal discourse community for knowledge organization. Many of us who work in the field find ourselves at the fringes of the information science community. We hope that by joining together to share our research on a regular basis we will find a visible college. This is at the heart of the wide-open CFP that was created for the first ISKO Low Countries Conference.

The energy for this effort arose from the mutual observation of the potential of starting a new chapter by a number of veteran and new ISKO members­ – Richard Smiraglia, Charles Van Den Heuvel and Steven Laporte – brought together by ISKO champion Birger Hjørland . They have taken on the role of planning committee, and after a brief meeting in Amsterdam decided to toss out the CFP and see what happened.