“Morsels of Knowledge” was the first conference of the Low Countries Chapter of the International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO LC). The conference took place on 20-21 June 2019, at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium) in conjunction with the Inaugural meeting of the ISKO LC Chapter.

The conference theme addressed a broad range of issues on knowledge organization including questions of knowledge organization theory and knowledge organization systems and their applications.

With an attendance of 40 delegates from 12 countries, and a one and a half day programme which included 15 talks, and 2 panel discussions, the conference has been considered a great success.

Professor Birger Hjørland’s keynote speach, presented an overview of basic concepts and issues in knowledge organization (KO). It provided a background for the series of wide-ranging topics that were addressed during the conference programme by Belgium eminent speakers. The first day of the conference covered fundamental, theoretical and ethical issues in knowledge organization and classifications, knowledge in encyclopaedias, and knowledge organization systems in the international context. The day concluded in an engaging panel on the role of KO in information science education and issues in education in this domain in general. 

On the second day, speakers addressed issues ranging from classification use in the research domain, the multi-dimensionality of knowledge, as well as various issues dealing with knowledge organization systems (KOSs) such as recording them, their application in specific domains, KOS mapping, and their representation and role in Linked Data and the Semantic Web. 

The closing panel discussion at the end of the conference discussed the important role of the ISKO Low Countries Chapter in promoting knowledge organization and increasing its visibility in The Netherlands, Beligum and Luxembourg.