Our membership illustrates the breadth and variety of professions and roles where KO is a key element. It includes:

  • information scientists
  • digital asset managers
  • librarians
  • records managers
  • information architects
  • semantic web developers
  • taxonomists
  • media workflow managers
  • IT specialists

To guarantee the successful establishment of the chapter we would like to ask you to consider committing yourself to this objective ahead of the conference. As a founding member you will be involved in the drafting of the statutes of the new chapter and the sitting of the objectives for its activities in the foreseeable future.

How do I sign up?

From 2020 onwards, we will begin to receive the new membership fees ourselves. To become a member, or to renew an existing membership, simply send an email to stating your name and affiliation together with the notification ‘Membership ISKO-LC 2020’. You will receive instructions on how to transfer the amount.

A membership of ISKO-LC will also grant you access to the Knowledge Organisation journal and many discounts for ISKO activities.