Information and data in allergology: theoretical and methodological proposals for building a knowledge organization model dedicated to the design of info-communication devices

Marcin Trzmielewski, University Hospital of Montpellier (France)
Pascal Demoly, University Hospital of Montpellier & Sorbonne University (France)
Luciana Kase Tanno, University Hospital of Montpellier & Sorbonne University (France)
Davide Caimmi, University Hospital of Montpellier & Sorbonne University (France)
Claudio Gnoli, University of Pavia (Italy)

Abstract | Allergy is a major health issue in our society in terms of care and prevention. Several actors play a role in dealing with such condition, including health professionals, public authorities, and patients. The information that is useful to them is abundant and heterogeneous. Healthcare providers from the Allergy Unit of the University Hospital of Montpellier (France) need to access this information to analyse and identify trends in allergic diseases. However, the heterogeneous nature of the information makes this work complex. Such heterogeneity concerns the form but also the level of speech and the terminology used. Identification of knowledge in the field and its organization is therefore crucial to propose adapted devices, which allow to analyze this information, to share it between specialists and to consider a mediation towards non-specialized actors, including patients. The aim of our lecture is therefore to present the ALLERGIDOC interdisciplinary project, which involves the specialists in fields of medicine, epidemiology, engineering, and information and communication science. Such project consists on the study and organization of available Allergy-related information and data. In our communication, we will focus mainly on the considered methodology for the development of a knowledge organization model in this domain. Constructive feedback from the ISKO community and some advice on how to develop the project will be more than welcome.

Bio | Marcin Trzmielewski is a Polish philologist, translator, and librarian. He has previously obtained three master’s degrees: in romance philology in Poland (University of Opole), in French literature and in information management and documentary mediation in France (University Paul-Valéry of Montpellier). In connection with this last diploma, he’s preparing ALLERGIDOC – his Ph.D. project in the information and communication science, consisting of the study and organization of Allergy-related information and data. His research and main interest include organization of knowledge in the library and in healthcare.

Bio | Pascal Demoly is a respiratory physician and allergist, Professor of Pulmonology and Head of Department at the University Hospital of Montpellier. Prof. Demoly was the Vice-President for Education & Specialties of EAACI from 2011-2015, the President of the French Allergy Society from 2010-2012 and is currently chairing the French National Council for Allergology. In the last years, his research interest has focused mainly on allergy where he has extensive experience of lecturing. He is now building up a research institute gathering resources in epidemiology, public health, and advanced mathematics within the University of Montpellier, in order to understand, develop integrative and comprehensive models of health strategies, and ultimately prevent the development and aggravation of chronic non-communicable diseases. He is co-chair of the ALLERGY in ICD-11 initiative.

Bio | Luciana Kase Tanno is Brazilian allergist and clinical immunologist affiliated to the University Hospital of Montpellier and Sorbonne Université, INSERM, Paris, France. Professor in health science – Allergy and Clinical Immunology at the Postgraduate Program in Health Sciences, IAMSPE, São Paulo, Brazil. Dr Tanno is co-chair of the ALLERGY in ICD-11 initiative. She is head of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Classification Scientific Support and board member of the WHO Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee. She has contributed substantially with national and international peer-review publications, being a editor-at-large of the WAO Journal. She serves as member of the WAO Board of Directors, member of the scientific committee of the SFA and acts the senior advisor of the WAO, SLAAI and SFA Junior Members Groups..

Bio | Davide Caimmi is an Italian paediatrician specialized in respiratory diseases and allergy. He is currently a PhD student at Sorbonne University in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. He is author of more than 90 papers on PubMed. He is the referent physician for food and paediatric allergy at the Allergy Unit of the University Hospital of Montpellier (France).  .

Bio | Claudio Gnoli is librarian at the University of Pavia Science and Technology Library. His interests include knowledge organization in general, theory of classification, their philosophical grounds and their application to online knowledge bases. He is a former vice-president and the current webmaster of international ISKO, and a member of the UDC Consortium Advisory Board. He is a member of the editorial boards of Knowledge Organization, Axiomathes and AIDA Informazioni. His website is at

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Day 2 | Friday, June 21
Marcin Trzmielewski, University Hospital of Montpellier (France), Pascal Demoly, Luciana Kase Tanno & Davide Caimmi, University Hospital of Montpellier and Sorbonne Univeristy & Claudio Gnoli, University of Pavia (Italy)